Falling asleep at work is never a good idea.

Posted by kathy on 03/10/10

It has been quite some time since I blogged and I am sorry for that. We have been very busy the last year dealing with the economy (business at the law office has been steady but is slower than we would like it to be); the death of Mr. Drake's mother last June; the trip to Hawaii in September (I didn't get to go); the election (yes, of course, he won!!), the addition of Mike Perry formerly of Warren, Perry, Jordan, et al to our office (he and my mom are just sharing offices for the present time. I wish he would let me get on his desk.); Walk Through Bethlehem (I don't really know what that is but I heard they had over 1,700 visitors) and then Anna's wedding on December 26 (I hear that the wedding was beautiful. The reception was at our house on North Main Street but Gabby and I were not allowed to attend. We had to stay at the office. Boo. I think I like Anna's husband, his name is Bryan but he doesn't like to touch me because he is allergic)

After all that, it has been nice to settle down to a quiet life. One day at work, everyone was gone except for Maria and Deb. It was so quiet that I thought that I would take a nap on the copier. Someone took this picture and posted it on facebook and then they took a picture of my belly and taped it to the door. How embarrassing.

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