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Life Goes On

Posted by admin on 04/09/08

Sorry I've been gone for so long. We have been really busy around the house and around the law firm. It seemed that we just got done with Christmas and the Walk Through Bethlehem program when we had to start planning for the Easter sunrise service my mom organized at our church. Did you know that Easter was the earliest it has been for almost 90 years and that it won't be this early again for 90 more years. It was the first sunrise service that Wake Forest Presbyterian Church has ever held and we had over 100 folks come. It was really cold and cool too - who ordered that geese fly over at the end?

Anna and the North Carolina Supreme Court

Posted by admin on 02/19/08

So Anna finished her first semester of law school with a bang. She made an A in Real Property. We are really proud of her. The time that she spent here when she wasn't playing with me must have meant something. What a chip off the old block!

Ben Drake is the bomb!

Posted by admin on 12/11/07

Mrs. Drake's son, Benjamin, is a sophomore at UNC-Wilmington and is majoring in English. He wants to write for a newspaper or a magazine. Here is an article he wrote recently for the SeaHawk. it was on the front page. We are very proud of him.


Posted by admin on 12/05/07

Did you know that Mrs. Drake's daughter, Anna, is a first year student at the Elon University School of Law in Greensboro? Anna called yesterday to say she had just finished her first law school exam and wow was it hard. 100% of her grade. Here is a picture of us. We are very proud of her!!

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