Happy Halloween!

Posted by admin on 10/31/08

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween. We had a ton of trick or treaters on North Main Street. My mom bought 500 pieces of candy and we gave out all of them. My dad wanted to turn on the lights that light up the second floor of our house and so my mom had to go out on the roof to be sure they were focused right. So then Gabby got out on the roof and you know how she loves that. And she was the scary roof cat for the trick or treaters. What a scene that was.

Happy Labor Day!!

Posted by admin on 09/01/08

So today is officially the end of summer. School has started and the pools are closing.

Frogs in the pond and other musings

Posted by admin on 06/22/08

We have a fish pond at our house. Years ago when my mom put it in, my dad said "harumph, who needs a fish pond". Well my mom loves ours. The fish, the plants, the sound of the running water. It is all so calming.

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